Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus Multifocal 30 Pack (by Alcon)


An ideal contact lens for patients who are seeking advanced comfort, especially for those who have tried daily disposable or two-week replacement lenses in the past and experienced discomfort.

Rebate: SAVE $50.00 with 12 Box Purchase and $120.00 with 24 Box Purchase.  (Valid only within 90 days of eye exam)



New Wearer Rebate: SAVE $200.00 with 8 Box Purchase and SAVE $75.00 with 4 Box Purchase. (Valid only within 90 days of eye exam)

To redeem your rebate, please go to:  Rebate.AlconChoice.com

Free Shipping on: 12 - 24 total boxes!

1 Year Supply: 24 Box(es)

6 Months Supply: 12 Box(es)

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Quantity Price per Box or Item
24 $40.00
12 $42.00

When ordering contact lenses, please make sure you select the appropriate power with the correct + or - sign.