AREDS 2 & DRY EYE COMBO PACK (by Visionary Vitamins)

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Visionary AREDS 2 (Coated Tablets) + Visionary OMEGA-3 (soft-gels)
180 Tablets per Bottle (3-month supply) / 180 Soft-Gels per Bottle (3-month supply)
Suggested Use:
One tablet and One soft-gel taken separately 2 times daily with meals, 
as a dietary supplement or as directed by a health 
care professional. Best taken just before a meal.
Visionary Vitamin’s original AREDS 2 Formula provides the exact levels of antioxidants and zinc that proved to be most effective in the AREDS 2 trial plus 3mg of copper.  Visionary AREDS 2 Coated Tablets Provide a Cost Effective Option for Patients Requiring AREDS 2 Supplementation.
Omega-3 acids may benefit dry eye by reducing inflammatory activity in the body and by possibly altering the lipid profiles of the Meibomian glands. Some components of the omega-3 acids are thought to stimulate aqueous tear secretion. Some studies show that the use of Omega-3’s may also improve heart health. 
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